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Attachment, Couple, & Relational Therapy

The term "attachment" has gained traction as a buzzword over the last couple of years, but its significance runs deep and touches the core of our human experiences. Understanding attachment and its impact on us can be pivotal to comprehending how we relate to others and navigate the intricate web of relationships.


Attachment is an innate system embedded within us from birth, designed to ensure our safety by driving us to seek closeness (proximity) to caregivers and embrace the comfort and support they provide. The nuances of attachment shape not only how we perceive the world but also how we interact with it.


From the foundation of our early experiences, our attachment style evolves. For some fortunate individuals, these experiences establish the belief that people are reliable and secure, fostering a sense of safety and ease. This foundation allows them to learn self-regulation both independently and within relationships. However, many of us didn't have the privilege of consistent safety or attunement during our formative years. This might have led us to develop adaptive strategies that tilt us towards self-sufficiency and independence (avoidant) or heighten our anxiety within relationships (anxious), or even a fusion of both (anxious-avoidant, sometimes called fearful-avoidant or disorganized).


If you find yourself curious about your own attachment style or grappling with relationship-related challenges, our online counselling and therapy services are here to guide you. We understand that attachment patterns significantly influence how you connect with others, and we're equipped to provide tailored support that fits your needs.

Our therapists can assist you in delving into the intricacies of how attachment shapes your emotional landscape.


Some of the approaches we utilize in couple and relational counselling may include:


1. Attachment-focused and Emotion-focused Therapies, which aid in exploring and regulating the emotions that stem from attachment experiences. These interventions can help you navigate emotional challenges within relationships, fostering a deeper understanding of your needs and those of your loved ones.

2. Inner child work is another valuable avenue we explore, delving a little deeper into the past to heal present wounds. This approach recognizes that our adult behaviours and beliefs are often rooted in the experiences of our younger selves. By addressing and healing these inner child "wounds," you may develop the capacity to foster healthier attachments in your adult relationships.

3. Somatic Therapies further enrich our repertoire, acknowledging the integral link between body and mind. These techniques can help you connect with and release physical sensations associated with attachment-related emotions, facilitating healing on a holistic level.

4. For those who grapple with parent-child dynamics, our Parent-Child Therapy offers a space to navigate and repair these relationships. Attachment-Focused Therapy homes in on understanding and reshaping your attachment patterns.


5. Internal Family Systems (IFS) work aids in harmonizing your internal emotional landscape, identifying and understanding all of your different 'parts,' and fostering more balanced relationships with yourself and others.

In a world where connections are vital, understanding our attachment style can be instrumental in forming fulfilling relationships. Our online relational counselling and therapy services guide you on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. By unraveling the threads of attachment, we empower you to forge healthier, more secure connections that enrich your life. If you are seeking individual attachment therapy,  couples therapy, or parent-child or family therapy, reach out today to meet with one of our skilled virtual therapists!

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