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Online Courses

Are you looking for new ways to cope with Stress and/or Anxiety? Are you seeking to live a more conscious, mindful life? Perhaps, you’ve dabbled in a few holistic practices here and there but when it comes to starting your own practice or routine, you feel a little lost?


Calm Embodied

This completely independent, self-paced 10-module course will guide you through the basics of trending holistic practices, including: breathwork, mindfulness, meditation, mindful movement, self-compassion, EFT-Tapping, visualization, and more. You will learn the what, how, and why of each practice, as well as some background on their effects on the nervous system.

Included is a recommended practice guide that you can use to help you set up a structured regimen, in order to hold yourself accountable and start making some of these practices a consistent part of your daily routine!

Looking for more resources? Check out our resource library!
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