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Attachment & Relational Therapy

Attachment has sort of become a bit of a buzz word lately but what does it mean and how does it relate to you? Attachment is a system we are born with which is intended to keep us safe by seeking proximity to our caregivers and openly receiving support and comfort. Depending on our early experiences, we may have learned that people are inherently safe and trustworthy, in which case, we experience a felt sense of safety and comfort and eventually learn to regulate ourselves independently and within relationships. Many of us did not experience such safety on a consistent enough basis and may have developed certain adaptive strategies that have led to us becoming overly self-sufficient and independent (avoidant) or highly anxious or perhaps, a combination of the two.


If you are curious about your attachment style or are experiencing some challenges within your relationships or dating experiences, we’ve got your covered! We have therapists who are training in various modalities of attachment, relational, and emotion-focused therapies!


Approaches used include: Emotion-focused Therapy, Inner child work, Somatic Therapies, Parent-Child Therapy, Attachment-Focused Therapy, Internal Family Systems (IFS), and more!

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