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Child & Family Therapy

Navigating the landscape of childhood and parenthood in today's complex world presents a myriad of challenges. It's a journey that demands patience, understanding, and unwavering support. At our core, we wholeheartedly recognize the intricacies of this journey, which is why we approach our work with children and families with a profound sense of care and compassion. We understand that being a child and raising one is no simple task, and we stand ready to provide a safe haven through our online counselling and therapy services.

In the realm of parenting, we acknowledge that every parent is operating with the best intentions and the resources they have at their disposal. Our philosophy is steeped in the belief that parents and children alike are working diligently with the tools and skills available to them. This understanding forms the foundation of the safe, non-judgmental space we create, where families can delve into a wide array of emotional, behavioural, relational, and developmental challenges that may arise.

Our team of dedicated therapists is well-equipped to guide children and families through these challenges. They bring not only expertise but also a deep commitment to fostering growth and transformation. Our child and family therapists ensure that their guidance is tailored to the unique dynamics of these relationships.


We employ a diverse range of approaches to address the multifaceted needs of children and families. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) stands as a cornerstone, helping children reshape negative thought patterns and behaviours. Attachment-Focused Therapy zeroes in on understanding and nurturing healthy attachments, while Emotion-Focused Therapy aids in navigating complex emotional landscapes.

Emotion Coaching and Parent Coaching are approaches we integrate, allowing parents to learn how to understand and guide their children's emotions effectively and empowering parents with the skills they need to foster strong relationships and communication with their children.


Narrative Therapy aids children and families in reshaping their personal narratives, offering a fresh perspective on challenges and fostering a sense of agency. 

In this dynamic world, we're dedicated to supporting children and families as they navigate the intricate journey of growth, connection, and development.


Our online counselling and therapy services provide a sanctuary where understanding flourishes, skills are honed, and relationships are strengthened. You're not alone on this journey – we're here to walk beside you, offering guidance, empathy, and the tools you and your child and family need to thrive!

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