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Clinical Supervision

Hi! Janice here, again! There is truly nothing that ignites me more than deep dives into and dialogues around the work that we do. Professionally speaking, I have 10 years of clinical experience under my belt, including clinical supervision experience, with expertise in the areas of: Attachment-Focused Therapy, Emotion-Focused Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Somatic Embodiment. I have completed additional trainings in Clinical Supervision, IFS, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. I have a strong background in individual, child, parent-child, and family therapy. I utilize an eclectic, integrative approach to my clinical and supervisory work.


Personally speaking, I am very approachable, easygoing, and incredibly open and non-judgmental. I remember exactly what it was like to be a therapist, starting out in the field. I was a total deer in headlights, and truthfully, would not have been able to make it to where I am today without the guidance and mentorship of the more seasoned clinicians I looked up to and learned from.


 I am so happy to now be able to provide that safe, supportive, reflective space for others to explore their clinical skills, consult about cases, and engage in conversations around general ethics, use of self, and logistical private practice and business queries. 

If you are a registered social worker or psychotherapist (registered and/or qualifying), with a similar approach to the work and would like to work with me in a supervisory or mentorship capacity, reach out below to book an initial consultation! 

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