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Meet  Our Team

We are a group of integrative psychotherapists and passionate professionals, who have come together to serve our community at a pivotal time—a time when the need for connection, mental wellness, and collective healing are at an all-time high.

With extensive and diverse clinical experience, and an authentic, integrative, and down-to-earth approach; we are confident that you will experience a safe, inclusive, container, within which you can begin (or continue to): explore and integrate past trauma, unlearn adaptive conditioning (thought and behaviour patterns), get clarity around your values, hopes, needs, dreams, and desires, experience more fulfilling and connected relationships (with your Self and with others), and ultimately, feel a greater sense of peace, presence, and purpose in your life.

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Brittney Gill

she/her; MSW, RSW, Registered Social Worker

Brittney is a Registered Social Worker in Ontario with over 10 years of clinical experience in children’s mental health. She is an experienced therapist with a passion for supporting child and family related concerns. Brittney has provided counselling services within community mental health agencies, as well within private practice settings. Along with providing individual counselling to her clients, she also has experience providing parent-child and family focused therapy, as well as developing and facilitating group therapy.

She has extensive experience treating anxiety and anxiety related disorders, emotional
regulation, parent/child relationship difficulties, developmental trauma, attention deficit
hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) & executive function difficulties, depression, oppositional
behaviour, self-esteem, child sleep problems, and difficulties relating to separation/divorce.

Brittney has focused her training primarily on attachment, child development, and trauma-informed approaches to address difficulties relating to behaviour, emotional regulation and challenges in the parent-child relationship. She enjoys using a combination of therapeutic modalities including Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and play- based therapeutic approaches. Brittney also has specific training in adoption competency and has substantial experience providing support to help navigate the unique challenges experienced by these families.

Alongside her passion to support children, youth and families, Brittney loves being a mom and spending time with her family. She enjoys travel, the outdoors, and staying active through a variety of sports and activities when she can.


Kate Scott

she/her; MSW, RSW, Registered Social Worker

Kate is a Registered Social Worker who received her Masters in Social Work at the University of Windsor and a Bachelor Degree in Social Work through the University of Victoria. Kate also holds an advanced diploma in Child and Youth Work.


Kate has over ten years of experience working with individuals with mental health and addiction concerns. Kate also has experience working with families and spouses supporting loved ones experiencing challenges with mental health and addiction. In addition to her experience providing individual and group therapy, Kate works in a community-based role through a hospital as a Concurrent Disorders Specialist.

Kate has experience providing psychotherapy to support individuals whom are experiencing relationship challenges, gambling concerns, challenges and changes associated with aging, self-harm and improving the use of communication and implementation of boundaries. Kate has experience working with individuals of all ages and actually began her career as a child and youth worker, working primarily with teens.


Kate believes in the importance of self-compassion and development of sustainable change. Kate brings authenticity and humour into sessions. Kate draws from a variety of modalities, believing in the importance of bringing an approach that is unique and suited to the strengths and unique characteristics of each individual. Some of these modalities include using a trauma-informed approach with Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and the use of Attachment Theory.


When Kate is not providing therapy she enjoys and finds healing in listening to and playing music. Kate enjoys playing the piano and singing. Aside from music, Kate is an avid animal lover, with two dogs and one cat she likes to spend her evenings with.

Sonya Deol

she/her; MSW, RSW, Registered Social Worker

Through both personal and professional experiences with mental health, Sonya understands the courage it takes to be open to the process of healing. She believes in the power of personal growth and practices from a place of compassion, awareness, and positivity. 


Sonya holds a Master of Social Work from Wilfrid Laurier University and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from York University. She has previously worked as a crisis counsellor with survivors of trauma/violence, and now provides psychotherapy to individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, stress, relationship issues, and grief/loss. Sonya guides individuals to better understand their difficult thoughts and feelings by allowing space for them, freeing up energy to live the life desired. She knows the journey may not be easy, but it can lead to a profound connection to inner peace and wisdom. Building trust and rapport is important to her; therefore, her approach is person-centred, trauma-informed, culturally sensitive, and holistic. Sonya uses an integrative model and is trained in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness, and EMDR Therapy. 


Outside of work, Sonya practices mindfulness through gratitude, yoga, art, nature, and exercise. Self-care is very important to her and looks different depending on the day. Also, having lived abroad for several years she has a passion for travel and is always looking for a new adventure! 


woman sitting smiling grey jacket trees

Rose Gan

she/her; MSc OT Reg., CYA RYT 250, Psychotherapist

Rose is a Registered Occupational Therapist who received her Master of Science in Occupational Therapy from the University of Toronto and her Bachelor of Science majoring in neuroscience at Dalhousie University. Rose is also a certified yoga teacher (250-hour) with additional training in trauma-informed yoga practice.

Rose has experience providing mental health support and psychotherapy in both the hospital and community sectors, working with individuals of all ages. Along with providing individual counselling to her clients, she also has experience developing and facilitating group therapy focusing on emotional regulation, anger management, and life skills. She enjoys using a variety of therapeutic modalities including Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Mindfulness, and Solution-Focused Therapy. She supplements her therapy by exploring the connection between mind and body through yoga and mindful movement. She is a holistic practitioner who tailors her approach to meet the individual needs of each client.


Rose has experience working with individuals living with physical and mental health challenges.  For the past several years, she has been working in a mental health and justice program. Working with individuals involved in the criminal justice system who are also experiencing mental health challenges has taught her endless lessons in cultivating a safe space where her clients feel heard and cared for. She values taking the time to learn and understand their stories in order to provide a service that is truly meaningful to them.

Self-care and leisure activities are what helps Rose to balance her life. She is a lover of scuba diving, swimming in any body of water she can find, and canoe trips with her pals. She feels at home in nature and is fascinated by learning about the wildlife around her. She loves to read, cuddle her dog, and move her body in ways that bring her joy.


Taylor van der Deen

she/her; MSW, RSW, Registered Social Worker, Yoga Teacher

Taylor is a Registered Social Worker, holding a Master of Social Work from Wilfrid Laurier University and a Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of Guelph. Taylor is also a certified yoga teacher, trained in Hatha (200-hr), restorative yoga (24-hr) and trauma-informed yoga. 

Taylor believes in approaching life with an essence of curiosity, compassion and creativity.  She values relationships based on authenticity, safety and collaboration and aims to bring these qualities into her work with clients. Taylor considers it a privilege to witness and hold space for ones journey. 

The backbone of Taylor's therapeutic work is drawn from the modalities Internal Family Systems and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Taylor also has training in and draws from other approaches including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Polyvagal Theory, and mindfulness. When appropriate, she enjoys integrating mind-body approaches such as yoga, breath work and somatic work, as well as creativity focused interventions.


Taylor works with individuals of all ages who may be experiencing a wide range of mental health challenges who may identify with feeling stuck in life and who are seeking more space for clarity, compassion and curiosity their lives. Having begun her career in child and youth mental health, she holds a special place for working with children, youth and their caregivers.

Above all, Taylor knows that being a human is not always easy – and we don’t have to face these challenges alone. She aims to create a space where all parts, emotions and experiences are compassionately welcomed.

In addition to being a therapist and a human, Taylor is an aspiring professional sourdough bread baker, a wannabe world traveller, a lifelong learner and an astrology lover. She loves finding joy in the small moments of life like receiving puppy cuddles or the first sip of an amazing latte.

Jennine Stewart

she/her; M.A., R.P. Registered Psychotherapist

Jennine understands that it takes a significant amount of courage to be vulnerable and reach out for support. She feels honoured to have the privilege of holding a safe, compassionate space for people to turn to when needed.


Jennine holds a Master’s of Arts degree in Counselling Psychology, as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. In addition, Jennine has completed an advanced certificate program in Couple and Family Therapy, as well as an advanced certificate program in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.


Jennine believes in meeting people where they are at on their journey and that there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to therapy, as each individual brings their own history and variety of experiences and skills.


Jennine has over 10 years of experience in the field of mental health. She has worked in hospital and family health team settings, providing psychotherapy to individuals and couples, addressing a wide variety of concerns. She has experience and training in a diverse set of therapeutic approaches including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT) and Mindfulness.



Jennine has an interest in attachment and relationships, and feels passionate about helping individuals and couples explore patterns in their lives, which have been leading them to feel stuck. She focuses on creating lasting change through helping people experience new ways of connecting; leaving them with a felt sense of security.


Jennine holds highest value on the therapeutic relationship, and individuals feeling seen, heard, and understood in therapy.

In addition to finding meaning in her therapeutic work, Jennine finds joy in practicing gratitude, yoga, and meditation in her own life. She loves spending time with family, and especially cherishes the adventures she has with her children. Jennine is a lover of reading, baking, spending time in nature, and feels most energized when experiencing the serenity of a beautiful sunrise.

Jennine is not accepting new clients at this time.

Chanelle Lobo

she/her; MSW, RSW, Registered Social Worker, Reiki practitioner; NLP Practitioner

Chanelle is a Registered Social Worker who obtained her Master of Social Work at Wilfrid Laurier University. Chanelle is also a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Practitioner, NLP Practitioner, EFT and CBT certified Therapist and Life Coach. Chanelle uses an integrated approach focused on Mind, Body, and Soul to support clients in their healing journey and (re)connect them with their true inner essence. Through this journey you will awaken the truth of who you are, and embody who you are truly meant to be. Chanelle is passionate about helping others see their internal value, worth and beauty because when we can see who we truly are on the inside, we can create and call in what is meant for us on the outside.

As someone who has, and continues to progress through her own healing journey, Chanelle believes that her personal life experiences help her create a space of empathy, compassion and possibility that she taps into when connecting and building relationships with her clients.

woman sitting wicker chair crossed legs

Chanelle practiced as a Social Worker for over 10 years supporting individuals, their children, and their families in the areas of Mental Health, Child Protection, Crisis Support, Homelessness, and Addictions. In her experience, systemic barriers continuously prevented her ability to truly support the amazing people she had the opportunity to work with. Eventually, Chanelle made the aligned decision to begin practicing holistic healing that she knows in her heart and soul will help create real sustainable healing, and transformation for anyone she has the privilege to work with.

When Chanelle is not doing what she loves through her therapeutic healing practice, she is probably hanging out with her family. Chanelle has 2 children ages 13 and 3, and a husband whom she proudly manifested, and together they have created a beautiful life together over the past 9 years.


Janice Gill

she/her; MSW, RSW, Registered Social Worker, CYA-RYT 200, Reiki Practitioner, Safe & Sound Protocol Practitioner

Janice is an integrative psychotherapist, yoga teacher (200-hr), meditation teacher (100-hr), registered social worker (MSW, RSW), college professor, world traveller, and lifelong learner. She is an ally, an advocate, and a holder of hope. 

Janice values authenticity, compassion, and humour, and always exemplify these qualities whether providing a learning, healing, or reflective space for others. Janice believes in the importance of mindful breathing, compassionate curiosity, spending time in nature, and the ability to laugh at oneself every now and again.

Janice's professional practice mirrors that of her personal beliefs, values, and ethics, which includes (an imperfect and ever-evolving) commitment and dedication to anti-oppression, anti-racism, anti-homophobia, and ultimately, a critical consideration of any of the other “isms” or oppressions of marginalized individuals and groups.

Janice utilizes a down to earth approach, incorporating genuine connection and, where appropriate, a sense of humour--A playful approach to life's sometimes serious problems, if you will! She is passionate about understanding what's at the root of present-day challenges, including our beliefs about others, the world, and ourselves. She helps folks understand and normalize thought and behaviour patterns and helps them to find new ways of coping and being in the world that aligns with one's values, hopes, dreams, and desires.

When her therapist hat is off (is it ever though?!), Janice enjoys spending every moment she can in nature. She is a passionate and imperfect fur mom to an adorable rescue dog from Costa Rica and spends much of her time concocting nutritious and delicious recipes. Janice also enjoys travel, writing, watching musicals, playing sports, staying active, and upholding a strong spiritual and meditation practice.

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