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Treatment Specialties

If you're feeling called to do some inner-exploration and make some changes in your life, whether personal, professional, or relational: Connect with us to set up a complimentary 15-minute consultation.

Finding the Right Fit

We believe that successful therapeutic outcomes rest primarily on two things:


1) An individual or relationship's desire for and commitment to change in their lives.


2)  The relationship and goodness of fit between client(s) and therapist.


At Solstice, we offer 15-minute complimentary consultations with a therapist of your choice, as an opportunity to "try out" the fit and ask any questions you may have. Your comfort is our priority and you will never be pressured to book an initial session or even subsequent sessions with a therapist you have consulted with.

We work collaboratively to set goals, explore values, identify barriers and blockages, including: conditioned thought and behaviour patterns, and we will come up with a plan to best support you in achieving your hopes/goals

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Potential Benefits of Therapy...

An increase in presence, self-awareness, and self-compassion

A decrease in Anxiety, Stress, Overwhelm

A decrease in self-criticism, self-comparison, perfectionism, and Shame

An increase in self-confidence

Clarity around goals, values, hopes, dreams, and aspirations

A better understanding of past experiences and their present-day impact

 A solid understanding of the brain and nervous system; factors that contribute to stress and dysregulation, and a diverse, holistic toolkit of practices to assist you in regulating your nervous system and choosing your thoughts and actions

A clearer and more confident sense of self

A renewed sense of hope, energy, and excitement about life and the direction you are headed and purpose you are here to serve

A clearer sense of emotions and a greater capacity to identify, regulate, release, and/or express them

A greater ability to recognize unhelpful beliefs and conditioned thought and behaviour patterns and an increase in intentional, mindful choices that align with values and preferred ways of being 

What's Involved...

Practices that will be drawn upon include: Mindfulness, meditation, nervous system regulation, somatic embodiment, self-compassion, identification of thought and behaviour patterns, identification of unhelpful beliefs and use of positive affirmations and/or mantras to forge new connections/pathways in the brain, and subsequent new behaviours, mindful movement and yoga-based practices, guided imagery/visualization, mindful awareness and consciousness-raising practices, gratitude practices, journal prompts, and EFT-"Tapping."

You will always be informed about what interventions are available to you and you are never obligated to participate in anything that doesn't feel right for you. We know that any intervention at the wrong time or with the wrong person is not the right intervention, and we always put our clients first.

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